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It's a burden that can impact your overall quality of life. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to helping you alleviate pain, regain mobility, and restore your health.

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At Seaside Spine, we offer a comprehensive suite of treatments specifically tailored to the type and severity of your back pain. Our experienced practitioners use an array of effective methods designed to ease pain, speed recovery, and restore function.

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The Importance of Immediate Chiropractic Attention

Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent permanent damage. ​

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What to Expect During Visit.

Initial Consultation

Your journey at Seaside Spine begins with an in-depth initial consultation. During this session, one of our expert chiropractors will discuss your health history, the nature of your back pain, its severity, and how it's impacting your life. This conversation allows us to understand your needs better and informs the subsequent physical examination and treatment planning.

Physical Exam

Following the initial consultation, we proceed with a comprehensive physical examination. This examination may include a series of tests such as range-of-motion evaluations, neurological checks, and specific orthopedic tests, to accurately diagnose the root cause of your back pain. This detailed physical exam helps us identify the nature of your discomfort and guides us towards the most effective treatment strategy.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After we have a complete understanding of your condition, we develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to meet your unique needs. This plan may involve a combination of chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle modifications. We'll explain every step of your plan, ensuring you understand the purpose and expected results of each treatment. Our team is dedicated to providing the most effective care, aimed at relieving your pain and enhancing your overall quality of life.

Common Questions

At Seaside Spine, we use a comprehensive examination to diagnose your back pain. We then create a personalized treatment plan, which could include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and lifestyle modifications.

We provide treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, spinal manipulations, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, and lifestyle recommendations, always focusing on natural, non-invasive methods.

Treatment duration varies based on the severity and cause of the back pain. Some patients might find relief after a few sessions, while others with complex issues may require a longer treatment period.

Costs vary based on the treatment required. During your initial consultation, we’ll provide a cost breakdown for your personalized treatment plan.

Yes, we accept most major health insurance plans. We recommend checking with your insurance provider about chiropractic coverage. Our administrative staff can assist with any questions.

The Importance of Immediate Chiropractic Attention

Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent permanent damage. ​

CALL US: (850)-460-2362

Back Pain: Understanding, Managing, and Seeking Professional Help

Back pain has long been an unwelcome guest in our lives, affecting a large proportion of adults globally. It’s a problem that not only causes discomfort but also a considerable amount of stress, often leading to decreased productivity and reduced quality of life. In this article, we delve into the issue of back pain, exploring why it’s so prevalent, how it influences our lives, and the importance of getting a professional examination.

The Prevalence of Back Pain

The ubiquity of back pain is quite astounding. According to the World Health Organization, it’s estimated that about 60-70% of people in industrialized countries experience back pain at some point in their lives. What makes back pain such a common problem?

Our lifestyle habits play a significant role in the prevalence of back pain. Long hours spent in front of computer screens, inadequate physical activity, poor posture, and unhealthy eating habits that contribute to weight gain all increase the risk of developing back pain. Also, as we age, the wear and tear of our spinal structures lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, which are common culprits of back pain.

Understanding the Discomfort and Stress Caused by Back Pain

Back pain isn’t just about physical discomfort—it’s also a significant stressor. It can limit your mobility, prevent you from engaging in activities you love, and even affect your ability to work effectively. The constant pain and discomfort can trigger emotional distress, contributing to anxiety and depression.

Back pain can manifest in various forms, such as a sharp, stabbing pain, a dull ache, or even a burning sensation. The intensity can fluctuate, with some people experiencing constant pain and others having intermittent episodes. This unpredictability often adds to the stress and confusion surrounding back pain.

Managing Back Pain and the Importance of a Professional Examination

Managing back pain is a multifaceted process. It involves lifestyle changes like incorporating regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, practicing good posture, and ensuring an ergonomic workspace. However, one crucial element is often overlooked: the importance of getting a professional examination.

A professional examination offers invaluable insights into your back pain. A healthcare provider can assess your condition, determine the underlying cause, and provide a personalized treatment plan. Whether it’s physical therapy, medication, lifestyle modifications, or in some cases, surgery, the correct treatment can significantly improve your quality of life.

Why is a professional examination important for managing back pain? Firstly, it saves time. Without a professional assessment, you may find yourself trying various self-help treatments without understanding the root cause of your pain, leading to a prolonged period of discomfort. Secondly, it reduces confusion. Back pain can be symptomatic of a myriad of conditions—some minor, others more serious. A professional examination can distinguish between these, providing clarity and peace of mind.


Back pain, though prevalent, should never be ignored or underestimated. It’s a complex condition that not only causes physical discomfort but can also lead to significant emotional stress. Managing back pain effectively requires understanding its cause, which can only be determined through a professional examination. By taking the proactive step of consulting a healthcare provider, you can gain a clear understanding of your pain, receive appropriate treatment, and ultimately, improve your overall quality of life. Don’t let back pain control your life—take charge, seek professional help, and embark on the path to pain-free living.