Keep Your Immune System Strong By Avoiding These 9 Things

Keep Your Immune System Strong By Avoiding These 9 Things

We all know about the things we can do to help avoid catching a cold or getting the flu. But just as there are things we should do to bolster our immune systems, there are things we do that diminish the ability of our immune systems to protect us. We protect ourselves against viruses and

Frankincense Oil And Its Amazing Benefits

When we hear the word “Frankincense” an image comes to most people of the Christmas story of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the nativity scene. But Frankincense is an essential oil with an incredible number of benefits. Frankincense, divined from a tree common to Somalia, is an essential oil, typically used in

Turmeric And All Of Its Surprising Health Benefits

We’ve all seen it on the spice shelf at the grocery store, but did you know that Turmeric can be used to aid in the management of many common conditions? Yes, the bright yellow-gold spice is more than just something with which we can cook! Turmeric is a powerful spice, but it also has a

Your Mindset Can Help You Stay Healthy, Here’s How

There are so many age-old phrases that address the issue of mindset one could fill books with them (and they have)! “Mind over matter” is just one. But mindset is much more powerful than just the turn of a phrase, and it can affect our wellbeing in both a physical and intellectual way. Our emotions

Cupping Therapy Amazing Alternative to Pain Medication

To those who have never heard or seen a session where cupping therapy is used it can be quite exotic. But, as the Chinese have known for thousands of years, cupping therapy is an excellent alternative to invasive therapies and pharmaceuticals. Cupping therapy uses cups that are applied to a patient’s back in a variety

New Study Shows This Essential Oil Can Improve ADHD

Today, the diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is prevalent. This is especially true among children. Now comes news that a non-pharmaceutical treatment may provide hope for those who have ADHD. Research has shown that the application of essential oils (EO) can be beneficial to those diagnosed with ADHD. This therapy was found to be

Cut Soda Out of Your Life With These 5 Tips

They have become a part of our everyday life. Advertisements about them seem to be at every turn. Soft drinks and soda have become a part of the American lexicon even as experts are warning they are bad for us. But there is hope. Research has shown that consuming soda – both regular and diet

The Amazing Ways You Can Benefit From Coconut Oil

Although much of the world has benefited from coconuts and coconut oil for centuries, we here in the West are now just getting up to speed on the benefits of coconuts and, especially coconut oil. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which are far superior to long-chain fatty acids found in many other