Finally, Good News For Women Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment

AARP Issues Urgent Warning About Your Drinking Water

I came across a disturbing article published on the AARP website that I believe everyone should take the time to read. It has to do with what is in our drinking water and the bottom line it this – It isn’t good. A report in the AARP Bulletin explains that millions of Americans are drinking

Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD Is Largely A Fraud

One of the most renowned psychologists of the 21st Century has made a startling statement about one of the most commonly diagnosed afflictions in children. His contention calls into question the ethics of both the pharmaceutical industry and many psychiatrists. Harvard University’s Jerome Kagan, who ranks 22nd on the list of most prominent psychologists –

WATCH: Dr. Oz Reveals Amazing Alternative To Pain Meds

This video from The Dr. Oz Show reveals a safe alternative to the over-prescribed opioid pain medication. How is it that something so simple and natural is considered “Alternative” healthcare? Big Pharma has spent millions over the years to insure that these proven, time-tested methods of healing have been treated like ancient mysticism instead of