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Geranium Oil And All Of Its Uses

One of the topics I cover here are the benefits of essential oils (EO). When adequately researched, the uses for essential oils are endless. The fact is this: they are all-natural, and before the advent of pharmaceuticals they were the main source of many remedies.

One of the more versatile essential oils is geranium. From helping to alleviate stress to aiding in the treatment of acne, sore throat, depression and insomnia, geranium is one of the essential oils that can help us cope with maladies and conditions in an all-natural way.

Geranium is a perennial plant. It presents as a shrub with small pink flowers and pointed leaves, and grows native to South Africa. Geranium essential oil is extracted through a process known as “steam distillation,” done with the plant’s stems and leaves.That extracted geranium oil is often compared to the essential oil gleaned from roses because they share almost the same therapeutic traits. In fact, geranium essential oil is sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s rose.”

Where anxiety is concerned, geranium EO is an alternative to consider seriously. Traditionally, physicians have been prone to prescribe drugs like benzodiazepine. These drugs have serious consequences including withdrawal symptoms, memory loss, hip fractures, and impaired concentration.

Research has shown that approaching the treatment of stress via aromatherapy – and utilizing essential oils like geranium – is not only effective but is effective at a significantly reduced risk to that of pharmaceuticals.

Other benefits of geranium essential oil use:

  • It causes tissue to contract due to its astringent properties, assisting in the prevention of skin problems
  • It contains antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties
  • It can help eliminate the appearance of scars and dark spots by helping improve blood circulation
  • It can help speed up the healing of wounds by triggering blood clotting
  • It assists in detoxification by increasing the rate of urination
  • It can serve as a deodorant due to its fragrant scent and antibacterial properties

The world of essential oils is one that is full of all-natural benefits. As seen here with geranium, the beneficial uses of these gifts from nature are endless. And because they are all-natural we avoid the pitfalls and side-effects associated with pharmaceutical solutions to our health issues.

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