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Have Numbness or tingling in hands, arms, feet or legs?

It could be Neuropathic Pain, and we know how to solve it.

Neuropathy Treatment is a new treatment designed to solve common Neuropathic Pain symptoms.

With our expert team and state of the art equipment, we can unlock a life free of Neuro based pain.


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Enhanced Recovery Plan

At Seaside Spine, we specialize in customized treatments that target the type and severity of your back pain and neuropathic symptoms like numbness in hands and tingling in arms.

Our seasoned healthcare experts employ a blend of effective methods, including Neuropathy Treatment, aimed at alleviating sharp, jabbing, and throbbing pain.

These treatments are also designed to mitigate extreme sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness, and even symptoms resembling paralysis, to not only ease pain but also to expedite recovery and restore function.

Experience a life with improved coordination and less chronic pain by choosing Seaside Spine for your neuropathic pain treatment plan.

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Consultation, Exam & X-Rays Included

The Importance of Immediate Chiropractic Attention

Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent permanent damage. ​

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What to Expect on Your Path to Neuropathic Pain Relief

Initial Consultation

During your first meeting, our healthcare experts will discuss your specific symptoms, such as numbness in hands, tingling in arms, or sharp, jabbing pain. We'll also review your medical history and any previous neuropathic pain treatments you've undergone.

Physical Exam

A comprehensive examination will be performed to diagnose the type and severity of your neuropathy symptoms, including muscle weakness and extreme sensitivity to touch. This thorough evaluation may involve various tests designed to assess nerve function and coordination.

Personalized Treatment Plan

Drawing upon your diagnosis, we'll construct a personalized treatment plan that uses advanced, drug-free technology. Whether you're experiencing burning pain, freezing pain, or lack of coordination, our cutting-edge, non-surgical approach aims to provide you with the most effective pain relief solutions.

Common Questions

Yes, treatments are completely drug-free and focus on using advanced neuropathy pain relief technology.

Our treatments are effective in treating a wide range of neuropathic pains including sharp, jabbing, throbbing, freezing, and burning sensations.

While many patients experience significant relief, the treatment’s effectiveness can vary. A thorough consultation and exam are performed to determine suitability.

The duration can vary based on your condition and needs, which will be assessed during your initial consultation.

Many patients report experiencing significant relief; however, the results can vary and multiple sessions may be required for optimum benefits.

The Importance of Immediate Chiropractic Attention

Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to prevent permanent damage. ​

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Unlocking Relief from Peripheral Neuropathy with our Treatment Centers

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is a debilitating condition affecting millions annually in the United States. Characterized by damage or disease in the nerves responsible for transmitting messages between the brain, spinal cord, and body, this condition can dramatically impair one’s quality of life. Symptoms often include numbness in hands, tingling in arms, extreme sensitivity to touch, and sharp, jabbing, or throbbing pain. Muscle weakness or even symptoms resembling paralysis are also common.

How Do Peripheral Nerves Work?

Peripheral nerves emanate from the spinal cord, traveling along lines called dermatomes. Damage to these nerves can disrupt communication between the brain and various body parts, causing problems with muscle movement and normal feelings in arms and legs. This often results in pain radiating out to specific areas of the body.

Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy arises for a variety of reasons, from diabetes and poor nutrition to diseases and infections. While hereditary factors exist, they are less common. Astonishingly, in some cases—termed idiopathic neuropathy—the original cause remains unknown. Up to a third of people in South Florida with peripheral neuropathy fall into this category.

Timely Treatment: The Key to Managing Peripheral Neuropathy

Why Timing Matters

At Seaside Spine Neuropathy Treatment Centers, we emphasize that “timing” plays a crucial role in mitigating the damaging effects of peripheral neuropathy. Prompt medical attention can make a significant difference in your treatment outcomes.

What to Expect at our Treatment Centers

Initial Consultation

Your journey to relief starts with an in-depth consultation where our healthcare experts discuss your symptoms like numbness, tingling, or burning pain, as well as your medical history and any prior neuropathic pain treatments you’ve tried.

The Exam

A comprehensive diagnosis follows, where the type and extent of your neuropathy, muscle weakness, and extreme sensitivity to touch are carefully examined. Tests assessing nerve function and coordination are also conducted.

The Treatment Plan

Based on your diagnosis, we tailor a treatment plan employing our advanced, drug-free technology to provide you the most effective relief from your symptoms, whether they include freezing pain, lack of coordination, or extreme sensitivity to touch.

Other Treatment Options: Capsaicin Cream

While our technology is cutting-edge, additional treatment methods like Capsaicin cream are also utilized to provide moderate symptom improvement.

The Ultimate Goal: Eradicating Pain

Given the severe pain often associated with peripheral neuropathy, eliminating discomfort is usually the top treatment priority. This often involves tackling symptoms like sharp, jabbing pain, muscle weakness, and lack of coordination head-on, using our advanced technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the our treatment drug-free?

Yes, we focus on drug-free methods using advanced neuropathy pain relief technology.

What types of pain do we treat?

Our treatments are effective against a broad spectrum of neuropathic pains, including sharp, jabbing, throbbing, freezing, and burning sensations.

How soon should I seek treatment?

The sooner, the better. Prompt attention to your symptoms can be crucial in preventing further nerve damage.

Can Capsaicin cream be used in conjunction with our treatments?

Yes, Capsaicin cream can complement our treatments for moderate symptom improvement.

What if the cause of my peripheral neuropathy is unknown?

Even if the cause is idiopathic, our treatments aim to relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life.


If you are struggling with peripheral neuropathy, there’s no need to suffer in silence. With timely intervention and the advanced solutions offered by our Neuropathy Treatment Centers, you can combat symptoms like numbness in hands, tingling in arms, and sharp, jabbing pains. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards a life free from neuropathic pain.