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REPORT: Coconut Oil Safer Alternative to Beauty Products

One of the best-kept secrets, when it comes to several aspects of our daily lives, is coconut oil. Whether it’s in the kitchen or at the vanity, coconut oil is a fantastic – and healthy – substitute for many of the things you use every day.

While there are many uses for coconut oil in the kitchen, coconut oil is just as versatile in the health and beauty departments. Coconut oil moisturizes and hydrates, so it is a great cleanser and moisturizer, but that’s just the beginning of the list of the many uses for coconut oil.

It is a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial, so it makes for an excellent cleanser. These properties lend it to being a great deodorant and foot fungus fighter as well.

When applied to bruises, coconut oil helps to speed up the healing process in damaged tissues. It is also great for rash problems, such as diaper rash and mild allergic reactions.

But perhaps the best avenue when considering coconut oil is in the cosmetics department. Coconut oil has a long list of uses and benefits when it comes to skincare products:

  • Coconut oil is excellent when seeking that perfect shave. It helps to sooth razor-burned skin and is antibacterial.
    It is great as a lip balm when tending to chapped lips.
  • Coconut oil is an effective facial cleanser.
  • It is a superior makeup remover. Coconut oil cleanses your face and is extremely useful for removing stubborn mascara and eyeliner.
  • Coconut oil is a potent night cream. Applying it lightly before bed will hydrate your skin because its fatty acids form a natural emollient.
  • It is also an effective deodorant. A tiny dab of coconut oil mixed with essential oil (should you prefer) such as lavender is very effective, and it is a fantastic alternative to deodorants that use aluminum, which is linked to Alzheimer’s.

The list goes on and on. From fighting foot fungus to using coconut oil as a body scrub, there are so many uses for this healthy alternative to the chemicals the cosmetic industry uses in their products that coconut oil warrants our attention.

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