New Study Finds Herniated Discs Can Heal Without Surgery

New Study Finds Herniated Discs Can Heal Without Surgery

One of the most common complaints I see in our offices is that of lower back pain. This pain can range from nagging to debilitating. Nevertheless, the pain is real; and chronic pain should always be addressed. One of the common causes of lower back pain is a herniated disc(s). The Mayo Clinic describes our

Myofascial Release And What It Can Do For Your Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints made by people seeking medical treatment for the management of pain. But while some causes of back pain are easily diagnosed, others are a little trickier. But there is relief waiting for everyone who suffers from back pain. Myofascial Therapy, also commonly referred to as myofascial

Disc Herniations Can Heal Without Surgery, Here’s How

Back pain is one of the most common complaints when it comes to pain management. We have all, at one time or another, felt pain at a backache when over-extending ourselves. But a disc herniation can be much more serious. Traditionally, when people would go to their physicians presenting with a herniated disc, surgery was

Stretches To Stay Flexible And Pain-Free

We’ve all heard it said many times: Stretching is good for you. And there is a reason we hear it so much. It’s true. Muscle pain and stiffness have seemingly become an accepted way of life, given our sedentary and fast-paced “no time to exercise” lifestyles. This results in living with pain, stiffness and muscle

New Study Shows a Great Way to Relieve Back Pain

We have all experienced back pain of one kind or another over the course of our lifetimes. If you work sitting at a desk, this is almost a certainty. But new information is coming forth that suggests relief may not be that far off. A new study published in the Ibnosina Journal of Medicine &

Help Ease Your Back Pain With These Simple Exercises

If you are like most people, at one time or another, you have experienced lower-back pain. It is not only uncomfortable; it can affect your work and home lives. But some simple exercises can help to relieve your pain. Statistics reveal that 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in