Keep Your Brain Healthy By Dancing

Keep Your Brain Healthy By Dancing

As we get older, we all have to address the very real issue of cognitive decline – or the slowing down of our brains. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to “exercise” our brains as we age so as to avoid cognitive decline. A new study published in the open-access journal Frontiers

New Research Shows Alzheimer’s May Be Reversible

The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is a devastating one. The prospect of being robbed of our memories, or of losing a loved one to memory loss is terrifying to everyone. But one doctor has developed a program that he says presents the possibility of reversing cognitive decline. In his new book, The End of Alzheimer’s,

Do These 7 Things to Improve Your Memory

It was once widely believed that as we grew older our brains – our cognitive function – declined. But research is proving that cognitive decline is more a matter of lifestyle and that growing older doesn’t mean having to “fade away.” Today’s modern lifestyle weighs significantly on whether or not we suffer from cognitive decline.