Geranium Oil And All Of Its Uses

Geranium Oil And All Of Its Uses

One of the topics I cover here are the benefits of essential oils (EO). When adequately researched, the uses for essential oils are endless. The fact is this: they are all-natural, and before the advent of pharmaceuticals they were the main source of many remedies. One of the more versatile essential oils is geranium. From

This Simple Vitamin Helps Treat Depression

We all feel down from time to time. But many of us suffer from states of depression that go beyond feeling “the blues.” For these individuals, there is new information that could help them cope. Vitamin B-9, also known as folate, is a vitamin our bodies need to form red blood cells, metabolize protein, and

Depression and Anxiety Causes, And How You Can Turn It Around

Depression has become an increasingly common problem in the United States. In fact, the number of people diagnosed with depression has skyrocketed in recent years. So it is important that we learn what we can do to reverse this tide. According to a recent study that used federal data amassed from 2005 to 2014, an

Your Mindset Can Help You Stay Healthy, Here’s How

There are so many age-old phrases that address the issue of mindset one could fill books with them (and they have)! “Mind over matter” is just one. But mindset is much more powerful than just the turn of a phrase, and it can affect our wellbeing in both a physical and intellectual way. Our emotions

Fish Oil Proven To Improve Your Health

For years we have heard about the benefits we glean from including fish oil into our diets. But the benefits of taking this supplement are far more than what we have heard! A recent survey conducted at Harvard University concludes that omega-3 fatty acid deficiency has become one of the top ten causes of death

REPORT: Sugar Causes Depression

We all indulge our sweet-tooth from time to time. We eat sugary treats as a reward, and sometimes we consume sugary foods as comfort food. But consuming that comfort food could have a downside. A number of studies in recent years have linked high-sugar diets to instances of depression. A more recent study found that

REPORT: Scientists Discover Body’s Natural Way To Fight Depression

There are many times in our lives when we feel low. This is natural and occurs even in the healthiest of people. But there is a difference between just feeling low and depression. The latter is a serious condition. There are several recent studies that point to a connection between vitamin D deficiency and depression.