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Disc Herniations Can Heal Without Surgery, Here’s How

Back pain is one of the most common complaints when it comes to pain management. We have all, at one time or another, felt pain at a backache when over-extending ourselves. But a disc herniation can be much more serious.

Traditionally, when people would go to their physicians presenting with a herniated disc, surgery was the treatment of choice. But increasingly, patients – and doctors – are opting for a non-invasive approach to treating herniated discs.

One case study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showcased a young 29-year old woman who presented to her doctor’s office with a herniated disc, this confirmed by an MRI. After consulting with her physician about her treatment choices, she chose a conservative treatment regimen with physical therapy and epidural injections of glucocorticoids.

In her follow-up examination five months later, another MRI revealed that her herniation had resolved.

Data accumulated from clinical trials suggest that patients who present in their doctors’ offices with herniated lumbar disks and who choose non-invasive treatment over surgery have similar long-term outcomes. Additionally, the risk of a worsening situation with the original herniation without surgery is minimal.

One of the critical elements of a non-invasive (read: non-surgical) treatment plan is chiropractic therapy. Through the crafting of a reasonable and practical exercise regimen and regular chiropractic therapy sessions, a patient presenting with a herniated lumbar disc can avoid surgery, which would lead to prescriptions of painkillers in the aftermath.

Again, whenever we can avoid invasive procedures or pharmaceuticals in deference to all-natural avenues for pain management we are better off.

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