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Do These 7 Things to Improve Your Memory

It was once widely believed that as we grew older our brains – our cognitive function – declined. But research is proving that cognitive decline is more a matter of lifestyle and that growing older doesn’t mean having to “fade away.”

Today’s modern lifestyle weighs significantly on whether or not we suffer from cognitive decline. We are exposed to toxins and chemicals, many of us suffer from poor diets and lack of sleep, and stress seems to be ever-present in all of our lives. All of this hinders the functioning of your brain.

But there are several things we can do to stave off cognitive decline and live long, full, aware lives.

Maintaining a proper diet is integral to warding off cognitive decline. Including fresh vegetables and healthy fats is essential to establishing a healthy diet. Avoiding sugar and grain carbohydrates is just as important.

Staying active and getting enough exercise is also vital. Exercise and activity allow your brain to work at optimum capacity. They stimulate nerve cells so that they multiply, strengthening their connections and protecting them from damage.

The importance of a proper night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough. Sleep enhances your memories and helps to improve the performance of challenging skills.

There are other things you can also do to avoid cognitive decline:

  • Avoid multitasking – it slows you down and facilitates errors
  • Play brain games – these stimulate your brain
  • Master a new skill – this stimulates your neurological system
  • Employ mnemonic devices – this helps to organize information

In the end, it is all about staying active, both in mind and body. When we stay active, we help to avoid the pitfalls of age that come with being stagnant.

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