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Finally, Good News For Women Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment

When a woman receives the diagnosis of having breast cancer, it is devastating. So when help, in any form, is provided to them it is a welcome thing. One woman has come up with a way to help breast cancer patients in a very basic way.

Debbie Sardone came up with the idea of offering free housecleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatment. Sardone started a non-profit organization called Cleaning for a Reason, and it is making the lives of women diagnosed with cancer just a little easier.

As Sardone explained, she came up with the idea after receiving a call from a woman who wanted her house cleaned but decided she couldn’t afford Sardone’s service because of her chemotherapy and radiation bills. Before Sardone could say anything the woman hung-up, and because this was before the days of Caller ID, there was no way for Sardone to call the woman back. That’s when she came up with the idea for Cleaning for a Reason.

“I made a decision and shared with my staff that day that the next time a woman battling cancer called our office needing help with her home, if she couldn’t afford it, we would just give it to her completely for free,” Sardone explained.

Since that day, Sardone’ organization has enlisted over 1,150 cleaning companies to join in her cause. So far, Cleaning for a Reason has helped over 19,000 cancer patients.

This is the kind of organization we should all get behind. Whether it is enlisting the services of cleaning companies that offer this kindness to women battling cancer or just sharing information about Cleaning for a Reason with everyone you know, we can all do something to help those who are fighting the good fight against cancer.

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