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Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD Is Largely A Fraud

One of the most renowned psychologists of the 21st Century has made a startling statement about one of the most commonly diagnosed afflictions in children. His contention calls into question the ethics of both the pharmaceutical industry and many psychiatrists.

Harvard University’s Jerome Kagan, who ranks 22nd on the list of most prominent psychologists – just below Ivan Pavlov and just above Carl Jung, has gone on record as saying ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is an invented disorder and not an illness at all.

Kagan points his finger at the pharmaceutical companies and ethically challenged psychiatrists saying that the invented disorder was created strictly for “money-making reasons.”

One of the main points Kagan makes in his criticism of the too-often used diagnosis is that psychologists are, today, more prone to “finding a disorder” in any child that is even remotely more active than the rest or who is having problems in school.

Instead of doing the hard work of addressing a child’s anxiety or working with them to overcome problems with learning, Kagan suggests that many psychologists today simply take the easy way out and diagnose these children with ADHD. They then choose the easiest treatment option: medication.

Obviously, there are many ways to help children through anxiety and difficulties in school. Talking with your child and spending time with them, working with them on their school work, are two very easy and effective ways to help a child with anxiety and self-esteem. And these two simple acts don’t require medicating a child or slapping them with the label “mentally ill.”

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