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New Study Shows a Great Way to Relieve Back Pain

We have all experienced back pain of one kind or another over the course of our lifetimes. If you work sitting at a desk, this is almost a certainty. But new information is coming forth that suggests relief may not be that far off.

A new study published in the Ibnosina Journal of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, suggests that combining myofascial release therapy with some modifications in how we position ourselves in our workspace can help to eliminate or significantly reduce back pain and discomfort.

Myofascial release therapy releases the tension and tightness in the muscular tissue, most commonly in the lower back. This is done by manipulating the muscles to relieve muscular shortness and tightness.

Many patients seek out medical professionals who can provide myofascial release therapy after losing flexibility and/or function after an injury, or if they start experiencing ongoing back, shoulder, hip, or pain in any other area containing soft tissue.

In the study, researchers created two groups: one group of participants was given myofascial release therapy, and the other was given myofascial release therapy and instructed to modify their workspace positions. The results were significantly different.

All of the participants experienced marked relief from receiving myofascial release therapy. But the group that was instructed to employ workspace modifications faired better.

In the end, we must all realize that what we consider normal aches and pain associated with an average workday are aches and pains with which we don’t have to live. Some simple modifications to our surroundings and some practical and beneficial therapy – like myofascial release therapy – can make our days much less pain-filled.

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