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New Study Shows This Essential Oil Can Improve ADHD

Today, the diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is prevalent. This is especially true among children. Now comes news that a non-pharmaceutical treatment may provide hope for those who have ADHD.

Research has shown that the application of essential oils (EO) can be beneficial to those diagnosed with ADHD. This therapy was found to be particularly effective in young school children.

Essential oils are defined as concentrated, aromatic plant extracts. They have been used for centuries for many purposes including those of emotional, cosmetic, medical and spiritual natures.

The term “essential oil” comes from “quintessential oil.” The great philosopher Aristotle taught that along with the four physical elements (fire, air, earth. and water) there was a fifth: quintessence. This was considered to be the “spirit” or life force of a plant. Essential oils, Aristotle would say, define that quintessence.

In addressing the condition of ADHD, the late Dr. Terry S. Friedmann, a physician who treated the body, mind, and spirit as one, showed that vetiver oil was beneficial for children with ADHD when they oil several times a day. Those who did had improved behavior and did better in school. Cedarwood EO was also found to be beneficial when inhaled in eight percent of the children studied.

“I received several letters from parents of the ADHD children stating that their behavior at home had improved for the better,” Friedmann noted. “In several cases, they also stated that school educators informed them that their performance was observed to improve in the classroom.”

Other essential oils that help to manage ADHD include:

  • Peppermint – for improved alertness
  • Ylang ylang – known for its relaxing properties
  • Frankincense – for inducing feelings of mental peace and calm
  • Bergamot – helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Eucalyptus – relieves mental exhaustion and stimulate blood flow to the brain
  • Lemon – improves mood and preventing emotional outbursts

When you consider the harsh drugs that many physicians prescribe for children with ADHD – and their many side effects – the application of essential oils is definitely worth the time and effort.

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