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REPORT: Finally, A Way to Manage Stress

Many people believe that stress is simply an unavoidable part of everyday life. Whether it is work-related or centered on one’s personal life, it is almost impossible to avoid. But because stress is one of the most dangerous things to our health it is imperative that we learn how to handle it.

How we respond to stressful situations can determine whether we are healthy or not. People who succumb to stress are more prone to adding stubborn fat to their bellies, experiencing elevated blood pressure and are more likely to suffer heart attacks. But there are many ways one can learn to deal with stress so that we can avoid letting it affect our health.

There are several breathing exercises that are commonly used that can help people counter-act stress. This is called developing “resilience” – the ability for your body to quickly return to a normal state, both physically and emotionally, after a stress-provoking event.

Additionally, there are other measures we can take to help control stressful events so that we can live healthier lives:

  • One critical point in dealing with stress is to make sure we get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation dramatically affects your body’s ability to handle stress.
  • Meditation and yoga help us to return to a symbiotic state with our bodies. This, in turn, helps to relieve stress.
  • Regular physical activity is of critical importance when learning to deal with stress. The activity allows for a physical release that can help to reduce stress.
  • Laughter, music and social connectedness also serve to help alleviate stress.

There are many other ways to manage the stress we feel in our lives, and most are easy and don’t take a lot of time. In the end, we are all better off for learning how to deal with our stress. Our reward for doing so is a longer and happier life.

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