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REPORT: Scientists Discover Body’s Natural Way To Fight Depression

There are many times in our lives when we feel low. This is natural and occurs even in the healthiest of people. But there is a difference between just feeling low and depression. The latter is a serious condition.

There are several recent studies that point to a connection between vitamin D deficiency and depression. A 2013 review of research done on the connection between vitamin D levels in the bloodstream and depression found that in 13 studies involving more than 31,000 participants a low level of vitamin D existed in participants presenting with depression.

Additionally, a 2008 study out of Norway showed that patients with low levels of vitamin D in their systems presented with more symptoms of depression. The research established that introducing large amounts of vitamin D into the systems of patients presenting with symptoms of depression alleviated – to a great extent – those symptoms. The most significant improvement was seen in the patients with the most severe symptoms.

Another study from Norway found that low levels of vitamin D may actually be the result of depression rather than the cause. This allows physicians another indicator for diagnosing the condition.

While there is still more research that must be conducted on the connection between low vitamin D levels and depression, the results of the research thus far indicate that asking your doctor if vitamin D supplements are right for you if you feel you are suffering from depression.

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