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Soda Linked to Multiple Health Issues

We see it everywhere; on commercials, in magazines, on billboards. Soft drink sodas seem ingrained in our society. But we are learning that soda isn’t healthy for the body. And that knowledge is seemingly catching on.

A new study presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior concluded that sugary sodas are damaging to the brain, and especially so in adolescents. This, by the by, is the demographic that soft drink companies target most.

The study fed sugary beverages to laboratory rats – both adult and adolescent – for one month, testing their cognitive function. What researchers found was that while the adult rats faired well, the adolescent rats experienced impaired memory and had trouble learning.

“Soda is on my list of the absolute worst foods and drinks you can consume,” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, a Fellow at the American College of Nutrition. “Once ingested, your pancreas rapidly begins to create insulin in response to the sugar…chronically elevated insulin levels (which you would definitely have if you regularly drink soda) and the subsequent insulin resistance is a foundational factor of most chronic disease, from diabetes to cancer.”

Within minutes of consuming sugary soft drinks, our blood sugar spikes and our livers start turning that sugar into fat. After the caffeine is absorbed, our blood pressure rises, and the liver begins pumping more sugar into the bloodstream. Within in 60 minutes of consuming a sugary soda we experience a blood sugar “crash,” which can create a desire for another soda (think: addiction).

But there is good news here as well. 63 percent of Americans are now actively trying to avoid consuming soda. That number was up from just 41 percent in 2002. It appears that the jig is up for the sugary soft drink business. Maybe that’s why some soft drink companies constantly try to reinvent their products!

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