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Staying Active Can Help You in These 7 Ways

Staying active is an important part of staying healthy. When we are active, our bodies want to work like a well-oil machine, and just like a machine, when we don’t use our bodies they can go into disrepair.

The US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimates that approximately 80 percent of American fail to get an adequate amount of exercise. This inactivity leads to a development of many life-threatening conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.

An adequate exercise regimen, according to the CDC, consists of at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week; or 1 hour and 15 minutes of vigorous activity. Also included in this regimen should be strength training at least twice a week.

That only 20 percent of the American population is achieving these levels of exercise explains the high rate of heart disease and the exploding number of diabetes diagnosis.

The benefits of taking the time to exercise are tangible. When the benefits of exercising are weighed against the common excuse of not having enough time to fit the activity into our busy schedules, the choice is clear.

Exercising boosts your brain health – in a study of adults ranging in age 60 to 80, those who were the most active had better brain oxygenation and better patterns of brain activity.

It makes you happier –Princeton University researchers found that exercising creates new, excitable neurons along with new neurons designed to induce a natural state of calm.

Exercising slows the aging process – not only can exercise make you look and feel younger, it reverses the decline in our mitochondrial masses and, in effect, helps to “stop aging in its tracks.”

It facilitates healthier skin – exercise promotes increased circulation and blood flow to your skin. This means it receives a fresh dose of oxygen and nutrients, promoting overall skin health and healing.

It doesn’t take as long as you think – in just 12 minutes a week (or four minutes a day) for three days, overweight, inactive middle-aged men can improve fitness levels.

Exercising helps with chronic disease management – Patients diagnosed with cancer, joint pain,  osteoarthritis, depression, and anxiety all benefit from regular exercise.

Helps burn fat – regular exercise helps to shrink fat cells by it produced an immediate change in our DNA, changes that specifically promote fat burning.

So, now that we have weighed the benefits against the poor excuse of not having enough time to exercise, what do you think about starting a regular exercise program today?

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