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WATCH: Chiropractic Proven to Eliminate Headaches

There are many reasons someone might experience headaches, and the traditional solution has always been to take an aspirin. In severe cases, opioids are prescribed. But there are alternative all-natural solutions that can, many times, provide relief.

This short video featuring Dr. Blake Kalkstein of Adolph and Kalkstein Chiropractic in Baltimore shows how one patient experienced tremendous relief from her chronic headaches.

For over three years Rebecca had been experiencing headaches associated with neck pain. Nothing seemed to help. But after just three visits to Dr. Kalkstein, her frequent headaches diminished, and her range of neck motion increased.

In the video, Dr. Kalkstein performs an active release on Rebecca’s cervical spine and an adjustment on her neck. This therapy, along with some neck and posture strengthening exercises, has afforded Rebecca relief she never experienced with medication.

Many medical doctors will immediately prescribe muscle relaxants and/or opioids for patients who come into their offices presenting like Rebecca. But opioids are addictive, and muscle relaxants don’t address the cause of the pain and discomfort.

Seeing a chiropractor is an all-natural alternative that should be seriously considered when neck or joint pain leads to chronic headaches. It is certainly an avenue that should be considered before subjecting our bodies to chemicals like opioids and muscle relaxers.

Like Rebecca, many people who suffer from neck pain associated with headaches can find relief without prescription medication, and when we refrain from putting chemicals in our bodies, we avoid the possibility of severe complications and side effects associated with those substances.

This is, arguably, a much healthier way to live.

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