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WATCH: Dr. Oz Reveals Amazing Alternative To Pain Meds

This video from The Dr. Oz Show reveals a safe alternative to the over-prescribed opioid pain medication. How is it that something so simple and natural is considered “Alternative” healthcare?

Big Pharma has spent millions over the years to insure that these proven, time-tested methods of healing have been treated like ancient mysticism instead of the way our bodies were meant to heal.

Watch here to see Dr. Oz expose the simple, straightforward truth about Americans and pain meds:

About 80% of Americans suffer from mild to chronic pain, and Big Pharma’s opioid industry refuses to treat the underlying issues. They don’t care about the patient’s wellbeing, as they’re more interested in turning profits for their shareholders.

As you saw in the clip above, Chiropractics is a safe, proven, natural way to find healing, in an environment where the patient’s wellbeing always comes first.

        Patients with back pain don’t need opium – They need a Chiropractor!

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What To Expect

An average visit won’t take but a few minutes, but you’ll feel the benefits long after. Typically, After Dr. Barbee assesses your current condition, he’ll use his state of the art equipment to prepare your muscles for adjustment.

Once complete, Dr. Barbee will use proven manual manipulation techniques to insure your spine and nerves are as aligned as possible. Improved alignment will free the nerves and relieve the tissues, jumpstarting your path to self-healing.

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