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Your Mindset Can Help You Stay Healthy, Here’s How

There are so many age-old phrases that address the issue of mindset one could fill books with them (and they have)! “Mind over matter” is just one. But mindset is much more powerful than just the turn of a phrase, and it can affect our wellbeing in both a physical and intellectual way.

Our emotions operate and associate with different energies. Positive emotions find us vibrating at a higher frequency, while negative emotions cause us to vibrate at a lower frequency. As cited in the Law of Attraction, we attract similar frequencies to those we are emitting. Lower frequencies are associated with illness, depression, negativity, and disease. But we can take charge of our mindsets to move from negative to positive.

Our brains are constantly building, destroying and rebuilding certain connections. If we engage in the same negative thoughts over and over, we strengthen these negative thought connections in our brains.

But, if we recognize these negative thoughts – and thought connections, and strive to change them, we can create new and positive connections in the brain. The more we use these new and positive connections, the stronger and more prevalent they become. The less we use those old and negative connections, the more they start to deteriorate.

There are four common and potent ways to move from a negative thought pattern to a positive one:

  • Postive Affirmations – Positive affirmations adjust our mindset and focus on positive and uplifting thoughts, and can be used during times of fear, anxiety, illness, and recovery.
  • Journal – Some of us ruminate on negative thoughts for hours, days, or weeks. Instead of obsessing over them, get out a notepad and pen, and journal, releasing those negative thoughts.
  • Have Faith – This has less to do with a religious belief and more to do with having faith that life can be a wonderful and fulfilling place. When we realize we are in control of our destiny, we produce positivity, and that leads to hope and happiness and an optimistic outlook.
  • Ditch Negative Thought Patterns – Identify the negative thought patterns you cling to and start to trust that they aren’t real.

Taking control of your mindset and dispensing with negative thought patterns is something that we can all do. It leads to a happy and healthier you and that means you are experiencing life to the fullest. It’s a decision that everyone can make, and a darn good one.

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